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St Martinville Volunteer Fire Department Nº 2

Constitution and Bylaws of the

Volunteer Fire Company

No 2

St. Martinville, Louisiana

As adopted the 14th day of May 1887

Article I

This Company shall be known under the name, style and title of the “St Martinville Volunteer Fire Company No. 2” and its object and purpose is and shall ever be, for the public good and protection of all property from fire occuring in the town of St. Martinville and vicinity, and its motto shall be:

In God we Trust

Article II

The officers of this Company shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Foreman, 1st Assistant, 2d Assistant and an Assistant Secretary to be elected from among the members, by ballot, at the annual meeting in March.

Article III

The nomination of officers shall be made at the annual meeting in March, but no nomination shall be received unless the nominee be present.

Article IV

Candidates shall be elected by ballot and a majority of all the legal votes shall be necessary to elect. Should there be but one candidate for an office, the votes may be taken viva voce.

Article V

When vacancies occur by death, resignation or otherwise, the same shall be filled at an election to be held at the next regular meeting of the Company.

Article VII

The annual meeting of this Company shall be held on the 4th day of March at nine o’clock A.M. of each and every year, for the election of officers and to receive the annual report of the Secretary and Treasurer.

Article VIII

The regular monthly meeting of this Company shall be held on the second Sunday of each and every month in the evening at an hour fixed by the By Laws.

Special meetings may be called by the President or at the request of 2/3 members.

Article IX

The majority of members shall constitute a quorum.

Article X

Public notice of Special meeting shall be made through newspapers or by notices posted at the engine house and two other —— place.

Article XI

No members shall be admitted as a member of this Company who is under the age of eighteen years.

Article XII

Honorary members may be admitted in this Company by the consent of the officers thereof.

Article XIII

Expulsion shall be made by a vote of two thirds of the members present and no members shall be expelled without having been first granted a hearing and the opportunity given him to defend and vindicate himself.

Article XIV

Officers for improper conduct may be brought befoe the Company at the written request of five (5) members and may be removed from office, by a vote of two thirds (2/3) of the members present.

Article XV

Members shall attend the February meeting of each and every year in full uniform for inspection.

(Goes on to define the roll of each officer)

Reorganization of the Company took place on 20 April 1900 at St. Martinville.

Company members


1. J. L. A. Penne (Joseph L’Amour Penne)

2. Thomas Ashford

3. Auguste Condon

4. Antoine Dupré

5. Joseph Peltier (Pelletier)

6. Francis Wiltz (François Wiltz)

7. Victor Vavasseur (Joseph Victor Vavasseur)

8. Felix Penne (Jules Félix Penne)

9. Gustave Baker, Jr.

10. George Penne (Georges Faustin Penne)

11. Charley Molless (Charles Wilfred Sumpter Molless)

12. J. F. Penne (Joseph Fortuné Penne – Honorary Member)

13. Luke Prat (Luc Luengo Prat)

14. Frank Penne (François Luengo Penne)

15. Emile Rochon (Jean Joseph Émile Rochon)

16. Ambroise Prat

17. Ernest Honoré

Additional members

1. Gabriel Abatte

2. Columbus Pérez

3. Roy Neveux

4. Simon Prat

5. Edouard Prat

6. William Clochette

7. Edmond Vavasseur (Joseph Edmond Vavasseur)

President: Auguste Condon

Vice President: Joseph Pelletier

Chairman: Jules Félix Penne

Secretary: Joseph L’Amour Penne

Pro-Tem Positions (16 Dec 1900)

Vice President Pro-Tem: Luc Prat

Secretary Pro-Tem: Georges Faustin Penne

The Company existed at very least until 1914, as I have notes from the 1914 meetings.

Appears to have crumbled as most of the founding members left for California between 1910 and 1920

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